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Bring your music video vision to life with our professional treatment and storyboarding service! We offer three different packages to fit your needs and budget.

Shotlist Package 1: Basic treatment - includes a detailed synopsis outlining the concept and overall direction of the video with a shot-by-shot visual breakdown.

Treatment Package 2: Advanced treatment - includes the basic treatment plus basic reference images.

Full Package 3: Full package - recommended for animators includes the above packages with images included to represent each important shot of the video.

Don't settle for a mediocre music video. Let us help you create a visually stunning and engaging video that will take your music career to the next level. Contact us today to learn more and start creating your masterpiece!

Affordable price plans

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  • Pricing plans
    Shot List


    In the shot list package, we create a well-outlined synopsis and shot list for your vision based on the details that you request. We won't stop until you are happy. Unlimited Revisions

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    Package 1 + a script with reference images used to convey the script and give clarity to the director. Includes camera position and lighting suggestions. Unlimited Revisions

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    Full Package


    Everything is included in the first 2 packages but includes a storyboard. Perfect for animation not needed for a live music video. Quick turnaround. Unlimited Revisions

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