Fast Track Mix and Master

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Get your song mixed and mastered by us with a fast turnover by our next available engineer. Overseen by Unit 10 Studios, London.

Affordable price plans

  • Pricing plans
  • Pricing plans


    Mixed and Mastered within 72hr Priced Per Song. Unlimited tracks or logic folder.

    Delivery time
  • Pricing plans


    Mixed and Mastered within 48hr Priced Per Song. Unlimited tracks or logic folder.

    Delivery time
  • Delivery time

Fequently asked questions

Who will work on my song?

Universe or Dirty Saj will mix your song. If they are unavailable, the mix will be handed to the next available engineer. The final mix will be overlooked by Uni or Dirty Saj.

We offer free reviews and won't stop until you are happy.

Short Explanation: Our current client base has all been by word of mouth, and we have never needed to use a website. Long Explanation: The website is a new branch of our ongoing business and has yet to launch officially. However, we have soft-launched to run the website for operations in Ethiopia whilst we expand in the rest of the world.

Credits include Drake, Giggs, Meek Mill, K-Trap, Sneakbo and others. Check: https://www.discogs.com/artist/3735662-Dirty-Saj-Production https://www.discogs.com/artist/5729646-Carl-Dennis-Willets