Yow SESS10NS World

For those of you checking it out, the website is taking shape nicely

We have been reaching out to our network of associates and industry heads to gather as much momentum as we draw down to the launch date. This week was a great one for us as we secured a partnership with OMG Education, who have kindly agreed to offer our start-up as work experience to the trainees at the facility. OMG Education

This partnership will see us develop from a sapling business into a fully fledged budding operational company providing our service to many engineers and artists, with an aim to scale, as we remain focused on the service users and their experience. Our eventual aim is to achieve charity status as we begin in catering to the ever ‘Global’ music world.

Our platform strives to be a reliable low-cost alternative helping bring youth and disadvantages musicians in to the industry fold. Our platform commits itself to fostering the right approach to tackling the problem of unemployed sound engineers and musicians. We hope to have as many people as described as we can into paying sound engineering positions in the industry.

There is no point in going to the job center to say I want to be a musician if the job center has no where to send you. This is a part of the service provided by our new partner

We are so happy to have met with OMG education and proud to be on board as we trust them to help drive us where we need to be. Thanks for the support and guidance from Jamal,

We hope this is the start of something amazing.


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