Level Skips for Early Stage Platform Engineers

Hello reader,

This is for any engineers that sign up to the platform as we are preparing to launch please be aware that you are likely to be in direct contact with the owners and selected initial users so please make contact early if you feel you should be placed on higher levels from the start, this is your chance to be able gain recognition quickly. Also we ask that you let us (admin) know how you would like to see the platform develop or what can be done to make it better for you.

Our aim is to make this platform available to as many people as we can but to keep it low cost and at the same time cover costs. We believe the only way this can happen or the only way we will succeed at the making this platform work is if we work together to request the changes we would like and report the problems we encounter.

All the best,


Sess10ns admin team

October 21, 2019