How it work

Choose the best session for your task to get done

Whatever you need to get done there is always going to be a way that you want it done, make sure the session you choose is the best for your needs.

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How it work

Share your project needs with the session provider

Communication is key, be sure to hire a recording engineer to record you and a mix engineer to mix your music. That way you don't make the mistake of expecting the wrong thing from the right person. Some session providers may only be interested in mixing music and others may prefer only editing videos. So once you are engaged in a session it is important that both sides understand why they are working together.

How it work

When you are done share your feedback and repeat!

We want to keep our clients happy. To ensure high quality we only keep session providers on our platform that remain above 3 stars. If a session provider falls below 3 stars and remains there for too long they will be removed.

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