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I will record, mix and master your music
0 (0)
fixed Rate 250.00 GBP
Mastering - All types / genres of music
0 (0)
fixed Rate 69.00 GBP
I will Track (Over dub) Various Instruments for your Songs
0 (0)
fixed Rate 99.00 GBP
I can play Guitar Parts live with REAL AMPS and Mics
0 (0)
fixed Rate 99.00 GBP
I can Mix Audio for any Movie-Documentary-Video
0 (0)
fixed Rate 100.00 GBP
I can provide World Class Multi-Track Mixing/Mastering
0 (0)
fixed Rate 250.00 GBP
I can teach you how to be a Sound Engineer
0 (0)
fixed Rate 10.00 GBP
I will Mixing and Master your music to industry standards
0 (0)
fixed Rate 20.00 GBP
I can provide a 2 hr recording session
0 (0)
calendar Rate 79.00 GBP
I will do your cover art for your music single/album
0 (0)
fixed Rate 29.00 GBP
I will film and edit your music video to a professional standard
0 (0)
fixed Rate 300.00 GBP
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The world has become so fast paced that people don’t want to waste time looking for a studio or an engineer anymore.

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We have the best of the best available but we strive to support those with talent.

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We Do Video

Filming and Editing

We don’t only cover the music we also cover the visual side of the game.



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