Aim for the stars

Creativity is our priority

We believe in the future of talent. We believe talent comes from anywhere and needs to be nurtured or be at risk of all types of troublesome life situations and outcomes.

In a world where choices are becoming more limited, we have a low-cost way to facilitate sessions. Allowing people to interact without paying ridiculous fees is a breath of fresh air. We are proud to be doing our bit to curtail capitalism, even if ever so slight. It's sad that in a world where you try to give people things for free, they mistrust you and look for a catch.

As we strive for charity status as a non-profit, we are so glad to take you on this journey with us. We remain committed to providing 10,000 sessions globally.

sess10ns team

sess10ns team

Circa 2019
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Why we’re different from other

Making equal opportunities for everyone every time

We let you use sess10ns until you are making money. We don't put up barriers of entry for those with talent and no money. We are committed to walking the walk without confirmation or backing from anyone but ourselves.

  • Currently free to post (limited time left)
  • Working globally and locally.
  • Low fees
  • Monthly prizes for users (follow us on instagram @sess10nsdotcom
  • Created by real people for real people
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Stay connected to work with our updated mobile app

We had an app out before but we listened to you who told us that it was not good enough and we have gone back to the drawing board to make another one. Which will be free....again.

The app will be both compatible with Android and iOS devices
 Moile apps

Seriously positive feedback

Recently we have done some competitions in East Africa promoting and supporting the local hip hop scene. Follow IG: @habesha__hoood to see our works. The competitions are on going, check it out.

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  • Rita 27

    Rita 27

    Dj / Poducer, Mba

    "I'm from Ethiopia and I use sess10ns to get my songs mixed and mastered"

  • Jamal Miah

    Jamal Miah

    Director @omgeducation

    "If sess10ns was around 10 years ago it would have been a blessing... its here now"

  • Tinashe Nyatanga

    Tinashe Nyatanga


    "I love the idea... its dope! Something good for the space"